Teaching References

“While knowledge of the subject matter and accurate, prompt paperwork are important, these two characteristics do not necessarily make a good teacher. It is in the classroom where Mrs. Silvestri really establishes her professionalism. I have observed Mrs. Silvestri’s class on numerous occasions and found the students engaged in a variety of activities. All reflect her motivation, concern, and excitement in the classroom. I have been teaching for almost 40 years and feel that I have become a good judge of character and potential. I believe Mrs. Silvestri is born to teach and will make a difference on many minds and lives before she retires years into the future. I highly recommend her for teaching employment at a secondary school or college.”

R.K.(Instructor and Former English Chair at Fayetteville Technical Community College) supervised and worked with Karen at Fayetteville Technical Community College

“I have been acquainted with Karen Silvestri for over one year. She is a dedicated professional with a great personality. Karen has a great passion for English, and constantly seeks information that will enhance her vast skills and knowledge. She does not hesitate to ask questions about issues that will enhance her profession or workplace. I have also sought her insight on several projects, and have been rewarded by achieving much success on these undertakings. Karen has a natural rapport with her students, and they have often spoken highly of her in regards to courses they have taken with her. I would recommend Karen at any level for her professional talents, skills, and abilities. She is a pleasure to know and work with.”

E. C. (Counselor at Fayetteville Technical Community College) worked with Karen at Fayetteville Technical Community College

“It is a pleasure to recommend Ms. Karen Silvestri for a teaching position. I have known Karen for three years as a colleague at Fayetteville Technical Community College and have found her to be knowledgeable on her subject matter. She always has gone beyond the class requirements, offering her students (and other staff members) worksheets and extra examples to ensure her students have every opportunity to succeed. She understands the distinctive requirements of the Faytech students and carries that over into other areas. She is an advocate for her students to ensure they have the needed skills to advance to the next level of English or to be successful in the workplace.”

A.C.  (Instructor at Fayetteville Technical Community College) worked with Karen at Fayetteville Technical Community College

Writing Feedback and References

“Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on this e-book. You turned it around quicker than I expected and with the highest level of quality. I will definitely be contacting you again in the upcoming months. Thanks so much!” –Craig Valentine, Public Speaking professional

“Karen is an engaging, funny talented writer. Will definitely be back for more!” Catherine Trebble, Entrepreneur in Heels

“Karen was FANTASTIC and delivers high quality work! I like very much what you’ve done here, Karen. You’re good at what you do. Thank you.” – Compare Las Vegas Weddings

“I am very happy with what you have done. Thank you very much for your fast and excellent work. Look forward to working with you further in the future, when I have other work of this nature to do.” – The Happy Well Fed Artist

“Karen was very insightful in addition to being a talented, intelligent writer. She brought the direction and encouragement I needed to knock this proposal out of the park. You will not regret hiring her for your project!” – Mills Creative Mind

“Extremely satisfied! The eBook project was a complex one, because while coming up with interesting benefits to offer its readers, the subject matter also had to fit the related website and its marketing goals. Karen (of Karenzo Media) did a spectacular job. Her creativity, professionalism, and dedication to the project were all first-rate. We are extremely satisfied with the quality, delivery, and pricing of the product. It was a great pleasure working with Karen, and I look forward to doing further projects together in the near future. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. You will not regret it!’ – Talking Memoires

“I am very pleased with the final product. I got more than I expected quality, delivery, price and service. I would definitely work with Karen again.” –Coffee 2 Tea

“Karen followed the outline to a T and provided the product I was needing. She is on my list of providers for use on future products.”

“Exactly what I needed. Excellent work done as instructed and provided on time. A rare feat. Highly recommend.” – Joe Kaiser, Real Estate Investor

“Quick and professional. Enjoyed working with Karen!”

“We required some rewrite and rework of the photographs in the report, and they were done cheerfully and quickly. Very professional and nice to work with.” –Real Kids Photography

“This provider was very good and added an element to my work that I did not expect. Overall it was a very positive experience and I would recommend and possibly use again.”

“I love the ebook this provider prepared! She went over and above the scope of the project with very little direction. Great writing, design and layout. I highly recommend Karen for all of your writing needs.”


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