Free, totally free…..65+ pages of hooks, closings, games, interactive activities, station ideas, etc. I’m sure there are a zillion and one more ideas, but this is enough to get started.


I’ve been roaming around the web, through my files, and books in search of fun and interactive instructional strategies. I was going crazy with all the ideas all over the place, so I organized (tried to organize) the strategies for quick reference. Some of these ideas I’ve used in my own classes, some are from various websites or books that I have. I have a tendency to not note where I find things on the web (bad English teacher!), but since everything that I found was offered free anyway, I’m hoping those teachers won’t mind that I share their ideas here. If I used something of yours and it really bugs you, shoot me an email and yell at me (I don’t mind; I teach middle school, so I’m used to loud voices). A very large portion of the ideas found here did come from one source and here is that website address:\

Table of Contents is included so you can find what you need quickly. At the end are General Strategies that can be used across disciplines. This document is geared toward the Language Arts, but the strategies work well in any discipline.

Also, I apologize in advance for any grammatical, spelling, or spacing issues. I cleaned it all up a bit but simply don’t have the time right now to make it 100% perfect. Regardless of the mess, it is readable and no one is going to be looking at it but you anyway. 🙂

Happy teaching!

Karen Silvestri

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