Creative Writing Workbook for Middle and High School

Kindle Edition Now Available for $4.99 

Print edition ON SALE UNTIL August 1, 2012!

Have material to teach a WHOLE SEMESTER of Creative Writing to your students for only $6.99

(Regular price $9.99 after August 1, 2012)

Over 165 pages of exercises for your creative writing class! How to write in different genres (sci-fi, fantasy, newspaper, children’s books, plays, and more! Also includes important grammar issues such as sentence fragments and run-on sentences.)

Order you copy today! PDF format delivered straight to your inbox! LIMITED TIME – $6.99! You can’t beat that price for a complete year of lessons! Just click the BUY NOW button, pay through PayPal, and your 165 page book will be delivered instantly to your inbox!


Buy Now!

Or buy the Kindle edition at Amazon $4.99 here

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